Nature's Comfort
Outdoor Wood Furnace



A Wood Furnace Story About A Hardy Fellow

Man cutting wood for boilerTaylor, a hardy fellow grabs his shaver and ax, and heads out to the central part of the wood for an early morning encounter with a tall standing tree and his ax.  To his left he could see a grizzly, just sitting there and doing nothing. Typical for grizzly's! Shaking his head, Taylor turns back to what he was doing; cutting down a tree. At the first blow of his ax, the grizzly fell apart - no match for a real man! 

An hour later Taylor was partaking in his favorite past time... playing with fire; and with the best outdoor wood furnace made! A classic Nature's Comfort Outdoor Wood Boiler!

Now that Taylor has a large pile of cut wood, the central wood is no longer necessary now that his stock pile is right in his back yard, always ready to lend it's natural heat to warm his loved-ones still cozy in their beds. In fact, it is probably best to dump his shaver because there is no need for it anyway, he is a wood master, ruff and at his finest.

Nothing is built like my Nature's Comfort outdoor wood furnace, says Taylor to himself as he throws more wood into his outdoor wood furnace. This baby knows how to burn rite and complete, not like some other American royal pain-in-his-butt-boilers he used in the past.

Who needs a wood doctor, nothings broke, why would it be when a Nature's Comfort furnace is built like a tank and can heat more with less energy? And... what does a shaver have to do with being outdoors anyway? And what is it about the central wood? Who talks like that anymore?

To be edited and continued...